Practically Friday.

Man, take a day off of work because of stomach stress, and the week just flies by. I think it also flew by because I was actually doing fun things after work. I think that has been one great new years resolution.

Today, my fun thing was watching Mr. Bean. I used to watch that show every Saturday when I lived in the dorms at Utah State. Those were the days. If you are reading this and you are a college student, Cherish. Every. Moment. College was a luxurious dream state. Life was so easy back then. Anyway. Mr. Bean arrived on DVD in the mail today and I was very excited to watch while I pedaled the exercise bike. Too bad I got so distracted by laughing that I would stop pedaling and actually lost a bit of motivation while I "rested." Not too much of an intense workout today. Oh well.

Here are some good quotes from school today that totally made me happy:

1. One of my students always calls me "Joe." I always call her "Bob." It brings happiness to my soul!

2. Me: "Do any of you have Jim as a teacher?"

A student raises her hand

Me: "Oh you do have Jim as a teacher? Where is he having Parent-Teacher Conferences tonight?"
Student: "Oh, no I don't have Jim. I thought you asked if I had you for a gym teacher."

I thought that was funny because why would I have to ask her if I had her as a student...wouldn't I know? Funny.

So, today was much better than yesterday. I think Alice can get back to her normal self quickly. Maybe she wasn't that into that silly boy anyway!

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

I love Mr. Bean. One of my favorites is when he is at the beach and wants to change but has a hard time in front of the lone man who is there. Hilarious!! I am glad you are finding hapy things each day, that is definitely a good way to be. Sorry about the boy that really stinks!