A Real Good Day!

Included a pic of my Leadership class. They were real good and fun today. I am still not sure how some days they can be AMAZING ROCKSTARS, and then the next complete dweebs. Crazy. We had a good talk about attitude and how our choice to be either positive or negative can make or break our lives. Very good and interesting. The pic is from an activity they did using washers on a string. Basically, I got them to move the washer back and forth without thinking about it. Their mind truly had control over their body. Cool how our minds are so powerful!

The other pic is from the weekend in Vegas. Isn't that one cleaver fan. Take an old and stupid Favre jersey and make it into a Starks jersey. Talk about making a negative a positive, right? So coo. What a small world to find a guy in Vegas who went to college 45 minutes away from where I grew up. Totally cool.

Well, it's getting late. I was going to watch some TV but I better just sleep for my students' sakes tomorrow. I did some things I love today:
1. Taught cool kids. Played badminton against my favorite competition.
2. Laughed and laughed at lunch
3. Went to a Weight Watchers Meeting
4. Picked on my leader! Read about it HERE
5. Went to dinner with my friend, Jane. Applebees' steak is so yummy. My lack of gallbladder did not like it but I did. Good talks with Jane as always.

Here's to another good day tomorrow.

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

Yeah I think Favres should have stayed retired the first time around. It would have been much better for him. :0)