I finally got the opportunity to go to The Sundance Film Festival today. It was a way cool experience, even if the movie Jane and I saw was a little on the weird side. We had been shopping at the outlets and our timing to get to The Eqyptian Theater was perfect because there was a man selling tickets just when we were about to go do something different. We only stood in line for about ten minutes until they started bring the line inside. It was fun to just be a part of the whole experience and the theater was way cool.

When we were walking away from the movie, somebody kept yelling "Oprah Winfrey." We almost didn't turn around and check things out, but we were glad that we did, because we totally saw Oprah. She was at an art gallery just up Main Street from the theater. I wish my phone would be better at quick shots, but it isn't. The woman in the gallery is Oprah. Then you can also see her in the middle of the crowd in the other picture. Her friend Gale is just behind her. It was quite a sight the mob that had gathered outside the gallery to get a look. It was an adventure. I am very glad we decided to go today. It was a blast.

We also had some fabulous pizza at Main Street Pizza and Noodle. It was very very yummy! We then wandered up and down Main Street a little trying to see some more celebrities, but we didn't find anymore. It was a very fun day. And I even got new clothes, including jeans, which I desperately needed. Very satisfied with today! :)


Morgan -Ing said...

Oh how fun! I went years ago and saw the guy from The Notebook, Ryan Gosselin or whomever. Your trip was definitely more successful. :)

Shule said...

Hey Alice! Thanks for commenting on my Superman and Cottage Cheese blog! I had not been able to check my blog in a while (our connection from our neighbor isn't very good these days..)but it was nice to know it was you who had commented. I bet it was so much fun to go to the Film Festival! I'm glad you're having fun and enjoyig life--you've always been able to do that and I admire that about you. Thanks. And thanks for encouraging me AND inspiring me to start my own blog. I owe you!