Sunday Sass.

I like Sundays. They always seem to be a quieter than the rest of the week. Today, it was just a typical Sunday. Waiting around for church in the morning, then going to church, then dinner. Not a whole lot of excitement but a whole lot of relaxing. I almost feel ready to go to work in the morning. ALMOST!

This video is hilarious. It is of a little boy who hates vegetables. What kids doesn't? He really wanted more meat but couldn't have any until he finished his corn. You can see the pain in his face in the pictures. Poor kid.

I like babies. Aren't they cute? And good for the soul?


Morgan -Ing said...

Do I always sound like a man? :) LOVE it.

Alice said...

You do not sound like a man, Morgan. I think we all sound funny and different when we are outside of our heads, ie listening to ourselves recorded. I think I sound a whole lot more manly there than I do inside my own head as well. We are twins like that. Can I just say that I am excited for the BBQ on Friday. I am totally starving right now!