Thanks Heavens for Movie Mondays

So Mondays are supposed to be Manic right? Mine was for the first five minutes. That was the time before I remembered that I was going to go to a movie right after school today. It was then that I looked up movie times and realized that Country Strong was now in theatres. It is an excellent movie. See it. Also read my review HERE. (I skipped The Tourist for the second week in a row. Does that mean I am not supposed to see that movie?)

Good day overall. The kids were pretty good and the day went fast. No big problems and few funnies. Here is the biggest funny of the day:

Me: "Okay. So what is the term for the muscular contractions that move food through the digestive system?"
Me: "The term starts with a P."
Not so sharp student: "Penis."
Me: "No, Penis is not the term for muscular contractions that move food through the body. Any other guesses?"
Me: "The correct term is peristalsis."

This kid has serious issues. It makes for some funny times that I totally appreciate in my 6th hour Health class!

I must now go sleep after writing on my running blog HERE. Thanks for being cool enough to read this blog!


Elizabeth Peterson said...

High School kids are so weird. I would have a hard time teaching that age group because I am really good at behaving on their immature level. I will just stick to being immature here at home. :0)

Morgan -Ing said...

Peristalsis, peristalsis, moves the food, moves the food! Do you remember that song from High School bio?