Thirsty Thursday.

Who knows where I come up with titles for my posts. It is funny sometimes. I guess this one comes from going to baseball games in Salt Lake. Thursdays are always "Thirsty Thursdays," where beer is cheap as well as other drinks, but they advertise the beer the most. This really doesn't apply to me because I am not a drinker and often judge people who drink something that is a whole lot of yeast poop. In my younger days, when I was experimenting with the vile beverage, I thought it has to be as close to what poop would ACTUALLY taste like, if I was stupid enough to eat poop, that is! I am off task. This is how most of my Health Class went today. It was fun though and the kids were engaged which is good and we were enjoying each other's company, which is good at the beginning of the semester!

The picture in the middle is of half of the faculty at school at lunch today. This week we have been wearing a different color each day as a faculty. Today was an all black day. It has been fun to have all the kids ask why the teachers were all wearing the same color. Very silly. It is good that they have at least noticed. It is also fun to do and has made the week exciting and fast.

The first pic is of the mirrors in the bathroom at work. We do fun lists on them. I wrote the topics that have been up this week and it is fun to read them. It makes me smile.

Something else that made me smile today was going to the Provo Temple. We Mormons(Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) have temples. Inside we make covenants and learn more about God and His plan for us. I love the temple. It is one of the most peaceful places on the planet. The peace I feel there always touches and uplifts my soul. I am very glad I went. It felt as if I was being pushed to go there today. I had thought about going earlier this week but one of my friends couldn't go and I have a hard time going on my own. Today, I had a freak out moment for some reason about the summer and going home(I have no clue why because summer is still pretty far away. Maybe it had to do with the end of January email that my softball coach always sends out to see if we are committed to playing on the team this coming summer). A friend suggested that I go to the temple and seek inspiration there. Another friend said something about being in tune with The Spirit of God and how doing that would make me always choose the right path for me. Both these friends inspired me to get to the temple today. It was wonderful. I'm very glad I went! Isn't that a great picture. Don't you want to go there?

Well, I best be moving on to bed. It is actually calling me...can you hear it? I bet you can't because you are smart and already in bed yourself. Good for you. Happy almost weekend! Cheers!

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