Tuesday Lunchin' With Kristi and the Gang

Imagine, if you will, an actual picture of me and Kristi and our gang eating lunch together in the lounge today. See Kristi and her crew eat second lunch. I could do this if I wanted to everyday, but sometimes first lunch is very entertaining. What we have come up with is a lunch out together each and every Tuesday. Now the thing I will look forward to and what will be something I love doing each Tuesday is to have lunch with Kristi and the gang. Good times. It was Subway today. I like food.

Day went fast. I kinda feel like I am coasting right now. Isn't it fun? Only three days until I am off to Vegas, baby. I bet you are jealous. And yes, Morgan, I will eat Raising Canes at least once. They don't deliver do they?

Well, I have been sleeping on my couch for who knows how long. I best be getting myself to my bed after I rip the contacts off of my eyeballs. Ouch.

Hope your Tuesday was terribly fantastic minus the terrible.

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Morgan -Ing said...

No they do not deliver. Their only downfall as far as I'm concerned.