Tuesday that felt like Monday!

Today would have been Movie day, if it weren't for the whole grades being due today thing. I am still having a hard time grasping the fact that the school year is already half way over. That is just plain nuts. And plain exciting. Oh summer, I await thy arrival!

Today was a good day. The thing I did that I love is have lunch from Gandolfo's with my friends, Kristi and Jackie. We have now dubbed Tuesday as lunch together day. They both have second lunch. I technically do not, but because I have prep hour during fifth hour, I can take second lunch if I prep during my regular lunch. It is totally fun to get out at the middle of the day and see the sun shine. It is also way nice to talk with Kristi and Jackie. They are two of my favorite people.

The other thing I did that I love is run outside. It was warm enough today and the snow is suposed to come tomorrow, so I totally took advantage of it. I love running. Have I mentioned that ever? If you ever want to read about my runs, I do have a running blog here. I also wore two different colored socks while I ran. I am pretty awesome. It does nothing to help people see you any better, in case you were wondering. I totally had to be very aware of my surroundings because two people cut me off. Jerk faces. Good run though. I am way lucky!

Good day and tomorrow is already midweek. How cool is that?


Morgan -Ing said...

I'm a big fan of the socks.

Elizabeth Peterson said...

I love your mismatched socks! You are pretty cool to be able to rock that style!