Fabulous Friday!

On the inside, I am not very excited or happy for Valentine's Day. On the outside, I am trying to put up a happy front.

When I talked to my students about Valentine's Day, I put it in these terms: Valentine's Day for kids is an awesome thing! You know there will be a big party and that you will get cards from people and possibly treats. People show love for you and therefore, you love Valentine's Day. Then what happens? Well, you get past Elementary school and start to fall "in love" with the opposite sex and the idea of being in "a couple.". Society teaches us that this is now what you are supposed to do and Valentine's is no longer about loving everybody it is about being loved by this significant other. So, if you are single and you don't have said significant other, it's just a day to be reminded that you are single. It is what I call "Single Awareness Day."

They were outraged just like I am about how this depressing change of the "holiday" happens. It was pretty funny because they pretty much came up with the idea for a party even though I was actually presenting the idea to them. Fantastic. So at 10:50 Mountain Standard Time on Monday morning, think of me and my class. We will be spreading the love that was meant to be spread on this day!

I snapped the picture of the hallway at school during lunch. I found it silly how they were all lined up sitting against the wall. I am sure they do this daily, but I don't mingle with them much during lunch!

Friday night was spent eating burgers and fries and fabulous yogurt from Baskin Robin with friends. It was fabulous.


Moo said...

In my high school, the kids were always sitting along both sides of the hall during lunch. Must be a Utah high school thing.

BloggingBills said...

That picture is just like my high school and yed tomorrow we will have a big party cuz thats what first graders do this comment courtrsy of my new smart phone