Food Friday

The procedure was short and sweet. Sweet because nothing was found wrong with my guts. It was also sweet because I was able to eat food and I may have over indulged. Oooops. I have overindulged the past few days actually(I am writing this on Saturday). I figure it is okay because at one point on Thursday I was down 8 pounds.

It was also fun to hang out with the other family and especially to hold Ezra. He is just so dang cute. Spencer was hilarious at Culver's. He said he liked pickles. I have my doubts! He is cute and funny. Enjoy the pickle video!

Here are some funny things that happened because I was hopped up on drugs:
1. I was drinking a coke right after coming out of anesthesia, and said: "Where did I get this?" Apparently, the doctor had asked me if I wanted a coke and I had even said, "that would be wonderful!" I do remember him asking about Coke and champagne but I didn't realize he was talking to me(I thought he was offering the nurses some, like he was not really talking to me or even near me)
2. I said: "Ah this is what real Coke tastes like, I am never going back to Diet Coke!"
3. I told Morgan it must be really hard to have three kids. She has four!
4. On the way to get frozen yogurt, I rolled down the window and yelled to Papa John's to tell me about their specialty pizzas. They had a sign that said I should! Morgan rolled up my window and then locked it. She said I lost window privileges.
5. I walked into the side mirror of a car at the frozen yogurt place.
6. It took me a long time to put toppings on my yogurt.
7. I kept messing up words.
8. I farted(be easy on me...they pumped my intestines full of air!) and told Josh he is gay. This is a funny that he and I always say but we make farting noises instead of actually farting. He and Caleb always used to really fart because boys are boys. Josh thought I was weird and that my fart was weak. I thought I was hilarious.

I bet there were more funny things but this is all I remembered and wrote down yesterday! It was fun to have a valid excuse to be "drunk." We Mormons have to take what we can get! :)

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Morgan -Ing said...

It was a blast, truly it was!