Mediocre Monday

I wish there were more words that started with a 'm' that came to mind for yesterday. It was a good day. I got to wear my Packer shirt and bug some of the kids at work. I am not much of a rub it in your face kind of a person so my excitement and cheers were kept low key.

I got a run in before the silly snowstorm came through. That was nice. Okay, so it was not nice because I felt like my shoes were made of steal and all the goo that I put into my body on Sunday during the Superbowl slowed me down. I still got out, so I guess that is good.

I was able to eat dinner with Erin and Isaac(Sister and brother-in-law from the other family). It was nice. We went to Applebee's. Okay, so the shrimp I ordered was gross but beside that, it was nice. The company was great! We went to the mall afterward and it was a nice little adventure. I then went home and watched Chuck. I like Chuck. I would marry Chuck if he were a man. Oh wait, he is a man!

The week started off well. Let's hope it continues to be well.

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BloggingBills said...

You my dear are in what we in the teacher world call the 'gray days' of winter. Nothing seems bright. Every day is the same. The kids are okay, but not super-wonderful. You are teaching the same-old-same-old and sigh, there's still about 80 days to go.Spring break is an eternity away. The routine that was broken up by Halloween,Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and such is rearing its ugly head. Your classroom is full of files that you have NO inclination to put away. Your dry erase markers are all drying up and you are out of erasers for little pencils and no glue sticks can be found. Wait, that's MY classroom! And everyone else's also.
So hang in there. Little things like dinner with the fam and a short run and a Packer win (even though we didn't get school off darn it!) make blah days not-so-blah.
Spring Break: it's a comin'
Yer other MA