Sassy Sunday.

Today, I spent a lot of time preparing my lesson for Relief Society on Pride. Read it HERE. It is a great talk that really reminds us that we should spend a lot less time worrying about ourselves and offer our service to others. I enjoyed learning about this topic and the discussion in my class was very good.

After church, I headed up to Layton and hung with Morgan and Derek and the boys. You can read about their adventures HERE. We had dinner and played. I sure do love those little boys. I found some really cute Batman PJs for Spencer for only $3.50. What a smashing deal. Henry was a little sad that he did not get any. I felt bad but I also did buy him and Oliver some finger puppets. They liked them.

Now, it is time for bed and to say goodbye to another weekend. It went way too fast, but it was a very enjoyable few days!

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