Super Saturday

Aiden and I played a little UNO in the morning as well as Guitar Hero. It is kinda interesting to try to teach an 8 year old how to play Guitar Hero. He did get the hang of it and we eventually rocked Michael Jackson's Beat It!

I then took him to McDonald's for lunch. I had a Shamrock Shake. Not sure if it was worth the 11 Weight Watchers Point Plus Values, but it was okay and needed to be drank. I have to have at least one a day.

Later, I met up with my other Dad, Josh the other brother, and Isaac the brother-in-law at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple and was able to do some baptisms for the dead for some of my deceased ancestors. It really was a spiritual experience and I feel so honored to have done this work. To learn more about baptisms for the dead, click HERE. And another link about temples is HERE!

After being in the temple, we met up with Erin and Anne and had dinner at Su Casa and then ate yogurt at Frogurt. It was fabulous and I have been eating way to much lately.

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