SUPERbowl Sunday!

Not a whole lot of time before I must be in bed. The Green Bay Packers WON the Superbowl. Whoa. I was pleasantly surprised and so glad I can go to work tomorrow and not be tormented by co-workers and especially not by students. YIPEE.

It was fun to be in Sandy with the other family. They are great. They found it silly that I would have to leave the game when I thought it was not going well. I felt like I was jinx. I am telling you, that touchdown by the Pack in the fourth quarter was totally because I was in the other room ignoring the game and being on facebook. I guarentee it! :) The kiddos were cute with their helmet and Oliver in my hat. It was fun to watch with them around. They got so excited when we did. LOVE IT!! Ezra is now two months and a day. Crazy huh? He will be off to college in no time! I ate way too much. That oreo was amazing. The dog watched the game too. She liked it. I was pretty fierce in my GB mask. I think I look better without the mask, don't you?

Great game and it feels good to be victorious. The Lombardi trophy is now going home to 1265 Lombardi Ave. in Green Bay, Wisconsin. YIPEE!!!

Now off to bed.

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Moo said...

Yahoo! Thanks for the mask picture.