Thanks George and Abe.

Today was a lot of fun. I was very glad to have the day off(a big thanks goes to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln for that!) and to be able to go and have some fun. I went with the other family to lunch at The Dairy Keen in Heber City and then we went to this really cool ice sculpture in Midway. It is a shame that the ice sculpture will be closed before my mom comes to visit because I would have loved to take her there.

This afternoon, my neighbor kids came over and played with my magnetic poetry and then watched few episodes of The Ant and the Ardvark. It was fun to have them over. They are cute kids. Have I mentioned that I like kids?

I also did a little bit of cleaning. I figure I better start now so it can be in good shape for when mom is here in a week and a half.

It is late, I better get to bed!

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