Thoughtless Thursday

You can just call me Sue, from Glee! Thursday was dress as your future career day as part of our career week at school. I think I look quite professional in my new workout suits!

The other pic has to do with the milk I bought my Leadership class for the Valentines extravaganza. Well, to save it from the faculty room beast, who often eats other people's food, I wrote all over the jug. My favorite bit was "Do not drink, Poison!" Anyway, I declared it not poison this week and a few of my co-workers have been drinking it. My favorite thing is that they kind of have had the competition where one person feels the others need more milk and keep sneaking in refills, even when the person drinking doesn't want anymore. It makes me laugh. Another thing that makes me laugh from the lunchroom is the idea that a co-worker came up with. He thinks that all of our drains should be connected to Africa. That way, when we dispose of food down the drain, we will be helping the world hunger problem. Another co-worker said that they would use their disposal to make baby food for African babies. They make me laugh!

It helps the days go by pleasantly to work with funny people! Love it!!

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