Tickle Me Elmo Thursday.

Today was a good day. Any day that starts with Sugar Cookie Herb Tea is good, right? It was tasty with a dab of caramel syrup and milk. YUM.

School went well. The quote of the day happened while I was trying to give directions for an assignments my Health students were to do while viewing a movie and I was interupted by two girls. I looked at them and said:
Me: Do you ever stop talking?
Girl after looking up: "No!"
Awkward pause and then she said: "What?"

So funny. She was so into her other conversation that she spoke truth. Love it!

After school, I went and saw my friend Shule and her cute baby. Bebecito is now very giggly and interactive. I loved playing with her. She is like a Tickle Me Elmo! It was fun to talk with Shule and her husband, after he got home from work. The other pic is of my good friend, Kristi. She has started to show this week; I am so excited for her and her husband.

I then went and watched The Office with Janette. Great night!

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Morgan -Ing said...

A girl baby! GAH! So cute! I'm dying.