Want of Words Wednesday.

Great day! Gmail makes me laugh. Silly spam folder! My co-workers never cease to humor me at lunch either! Indian food rocks. I tried a new naan bread and it was life changing. I like weigh in wednesdays! The End!


MBC said...

Please say that the new naan was peshwari. It's my FAVORITE.

J.B. said...

Seriously not fair. I was already hungry when I read this, but the picture of the Indian food made me a little crazy. Jealous I am, for certain.

Morgan -Ing said...

Naan fills my life with joy.

Alice said...

MBC-Holy cats...it was totally peshwari naan. It was amazing. My new favorite.
J.B.-Just remember that it is not fair to some of us that you live in an island paradise...so we don't have any guilt about eating Indian food! Totally jealous of island paradise!