Wasabi Wednesday.

I think it is true; we are in the dregs of winter. It is the time of the year when you really want and need a break. Sure, there was Civil Rights Day a few weeks back and President's Day is just around the corner, but we can already feel the long and horrible stretch to Spring Break. Yeah, the silly break that the geniuses in our district office think needs to be in April about one month before summer. It is just plain silliness. So, I feel like I am coasting, but that is life.

I did enjoy the day today. Leadership class was good. The kids are getting close to being ready for our awesome Valentine's Party on Monday. Lunch was funny because of silly quotes by one of the secretaries. Volleyball is almost over(tomorrow is the last day.) It isn't that I hate volleyball, it is the fact that my second hour only has four kids show up most days. Can you imagine how hard it is to play volleyball with lazy kids? Yeah, it is! My afternoon classes went fast. The kids are squirrely in my sixth hour, but that is life. I try to be nice to them, but sometimes I am not. Then I feel real bad and want to quit. Don't worry, I won't, but sometimes I want to.

I did go to my Weight Watchers meeting and that is ALWAYS pleasant. Then, Jane and I went to dinner at a fabulous Japanese place. We had pot stickers. I love pot stickers. We also had this awesome stuff. You basically cook it right at your table. You enjoy the meat and rice and then eventually enjoy the soup that is made from all the juice and stuff. Very yummy.

You have less than a month to figure out what to buy me for my birthday. Just sayin'! I like iTunes cards. I also love anything Packers. I also like puppies. I also like rainbows and long walks on the beach. I also like good smelling men. I also like pajamas. I must go to sleep now. I am starting to think about what to do to celebrate my birthday. What do you think?

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