Weekend Special

Due to the fact that it is after 11 and I need to get to bed, I will just make a list of all the fun things I did this weekend. Tomorrow I will blog about the day of love.
1. Picked up my Bountiful Basket in Eagle Mountain. It was a peaceful little drive.
2. Watched the nephews at swim lessons. Cute, no?
3. Held Ezra while he slept. I also for the first time successfully buckled him into his car seat. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but it was!
4. Saw five Bald Eagles on Eagle Day!
5. Had amazing pizza with the Hageys.
6. Had "eggs" made by little Oliver.
7. Saw Ninja Beanie Baby.
8. Watched a movie with Morgan and Derek
9. Ate amazing frozen yogurt with M&D.
10. Made an amazing omelet. Not really an omelet but close enough.
11. Cut my finger open pretty deep. No stitches but it hurts. (Guess that wasn't really a fun thing!)
12. Ate an amazing chocolate rose made by a friend from church.
13. Bravely talked to a cute boy at church.
14. Stood in the sun and starred at the temple.
15. Made valentines for the kiddos.

Good weekend for sures. Even with the cut finger.

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