Addiction Monday.

I am addicted to a lot of things. Now, I don't think all addictions are bad.

Being addicted to running isn't bad. I loved running in the cemetery today. Some people think that running there is weird. I find it peaceful. Nice face, eh?

Neither is being addicted to holding babies!

Being addicted to temple work is actually quite good.

And who says having too many shoes is harmful?

I have a lot of vices. Here is a list of a few more:
1. My iPhone. It does so much. It connects me to the people I love that live far away, I can text which allows me to not have to talk on the phone, sometimes it is taxing to talk. My iPhone also carries all my good music. Like right now, Sheryl Crow's "Love is a Good Thing" is playing while I type this on my IPhone. Addicted much?
2. Popcorn seasoning. Tonight I had chili lime, butter, nacho cheese, white cheddar, and chocolate marshmallow. Delicious.
3. My air-popper. The thing is so fascinating. I sit and watch the corn pop just like any kid would.
4. My two new t-shirts. One has two chocolate bunnies on it. One has its butt bit off and the other has its ears bit off. The one says:"My Butt Hurts" and the other answers "what?". The other shirt claims that "Idioms are for the birds.". Love it.
5. Having a hot beverage in the morning. It just makes the day a little easier to face.
6. Diet caffeine free Pepsi. It is so much better than Coke's version and is crucial to my well being during Lent.
7. Extra's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Gum. It is like having a bowl of ice cream without the bowl, calories and cold!
8. My TV. Hello. You all knew that.
9. Grapefruit. So yummy. I eat them like oranges.
10. Bananas. I have one for breakfast every morning. And when they are getting too ripe too fast, I eat one for a pre-run snack(two per day is great, beware of FOUR per day)!
11. Hats. I love to wear hats. I need to buy more girly ones!
12. Staying up too late. I must stop writing this list because it is late.

Addictions are not always bad. I am proof of it.


Erin said...

Please tell me you didn't eat " chili lime, butter, nacho cheese, white cheddar, and chocolate marshmallow" all at the same time, because that's just gross. :-)

Alice said...

Those were all separate, Erin! Although I do fill the bowl half way and then do like Chili lime, and then fill it up more and then put nacho cheese. I wouldn't mix ones that are so different though! :)