French Quarter Friday.

The celebration of my birth continues to roll forth. See, I have an attitude that one should celebrate their birthday for one whole week. I started on Wednesday. Tonight, I met up with some friends and the other family at Mimi's Cafe. It was very delightful. Jane, my mom and I then went to Red Mango for yogurt. Very yummy.

I did not take any pictures from the dinner again. I really need to take some pics of me and mom and the festivities!

My car battery went dead at work today because I failed to turn off my lights this morning. Stupid mistake. I was very angry. I hate feeling stranded and this was the SECOND time this week! Luckily, I have great friends at work that helped me.

My mom found this funny gum to make me laugh later in the day. Funny how some little things can make us so very mad and also how other little things can make it easy to deal with the other little annoyances.

Favorite talk of the day was on the way to work with mom.

Mom: "What is that place on the corner?"
Me: "It is a pool hall."
Mom: "Wow, and what is Matiki Island BBQ, that looks interesting?"
Me: "It's a BBQ place..."
Mom: "Yuck"
Me: "...a Hawaiian BBQ. Why did you say yuck, have you had Hawaiian food?"
Mom: "Oh, that would be good. When you said it was a BBQ place, I was thinking of those hot dogs on the rollers, like at gas stations."
Me: "Why would you think that about a Hawaiian BBQ?"

Mom didn't let me finish the Hawaiian part and was thinking of pool hall food. It was pretty funny.

Very good day and now I don't have to work for FOUR whole days! :) Yipee!!!

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