M is for Monday. That is almost good enough for me!

Mondays are hard. Tuesdays are hard too, but you at least have one day in(Can you hear the need for Spring Break in my tone?)! The bubbler made me happy today(and btw, in Wisconsin a bubbler is a drinking fountain. I call this thing a bubbler because it makes the coolest bubbles. Some people would call it a water cooler but how boring is that?), so I took a picture. Other things that made me happy were listening to Levi, who is nearly five months old, laugh. (I should take more pictures of that cutie.) I also enjoyed talking with his parents and eating dinner and later ice cream with them. We attempted for the second time to bowl on a Monday night but there were no open lanes. We need to go earlier. One day we will go. Too bad Isaac will be off training to be a nice military guy. I will miss him. I guess Erin and I are now on our own for our traditional family home evening. What will I do when Erin also leaves to be with Isaac and the other option is FHE with the silly ward? SIGH!

Well, off to bed. It is much to late to be awake on a work night!

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