Saturdays are super!

I decided to make the weekly pilgrimage to Layton on Saturday instead of Sunday this week. I do this sometimes because then I can spend more time with the wee nephews. They go to bed at like seven and by the time I get up there after church and all, it is after five.

They were silly in their Speedracer and Wolverine costumes. And Oliver with his little piano skills was much too cute.

Morgan and I went shoe shopping after lunch. I have a very hard time picking out shoes sometimes. Make the whole trip about getting flats for church because a cute boy there is shorter than me and goodness it is even harder. It was nice to be shorter and talk with him though!

Dinner from Jimmy John's subs was fantastic. I was also very impressed with the signs. So very cool.

The weekends seem to go much too fast but they are majorly enjoyed by me!

P.S. I really wish you could have read this before I edited it because it was drunk funny! I think it is probably time for bed!

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