Spamtastic Saturday!

The lack of pictures continues. The picture of me at the race, which is not my favorite self portrait, was taken by SLC Dad as I was mocking him and his photography skills. It makes me smile still. I totally ran fast today. I broke my previous fastest time by three whole minutes! YIPEE!!! You can and should read all about the run HERE!

After the race, mom and I went shopping. She was even nice enough to buy me groceries for next week at Sunflower Market. I totally forgot how much I love Sunflower Market! I think I am going to have to start making the trek there more often. I did find that sign in the bathroom very humorous. I wasn't actually tempted to put any personal item into the toilet, but apparently this is a problem for some ladies.

We met up with lots of friends at Red Robin for yet another birthday celebration tonight. It was a blast. They even sang at me and somebody ordered me some mud pie. It was nice. My mom took some good pics and I will have to post them later. For now, all you get is a blurry picture of me and my date, cute little Ezra!

Mom watched yet another movie. I am very proud of her ability to stay awake and party the past few nights. I must have worked pretty hard to get that fast time in the race, because I actually was the one who fell asleep during the movie. Funny. Now, I am kinda more awake and will partake of some TV. Have I mentioned how I love my TV lately? Well, I do! :)


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