T is for Thursday and Technology.

I am very grateful for technology today. I can use it to help my students know what they are missing in their classes. I also can phone a friend or family member and have a good chat about whatever. I also can make my lunch really fast so the 26 minutes they give me to eat it isn't bogged down by cooking time. I use technology all the time. It is in my house, at my work, in my car and even in my pocket. I love it so very much.

The big reason I love it right now is that I can actually take that amazing little phone of delight out of my pocket and watch basketball games right there on that little screen. I also can bring up games on the screen of my computer that my work so nicely provides for me. And my wonderful and newly paid for(Tuesday to be precise) can also play a game, or two if I get two networks to watch. Do you see how amazing my life is because of my technology? And of course I can watch multiple games at once because of all of them work at the same time. Isn't my life amazing? I knew you would agree.

So in the ho hum drums of March, I am sitting back and enjoying some Madness because it makes me extremely happy and so very thankful for technology! :) So if you can't get a hold of me, you now know why. You know that I am sitting on my couch ignoring the world. Thank you March Madness and NCAA basketball. Thank you so much!

The End.

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