T is for Tuesday and sometimes Terrible Mornings.

I woke up to a horrible belly ache. So I quickly got myself to work where I got my sub plan ready. I think it is a bad thing that I am now really good at writing sub plans. I eventually felt better but was very tired all day. Good thing naps are a available when having a sick day.

March Madness began tonight. That makes me happy. It also makes me happy that there is wonderful technology that allows me to watch games while also watching good TV. I discovered two very good shows today. Arrested Development is hilarious and Lost Room is creepy and interesting.

I will be glad to go back to work tomorrow. I don't like being sick. It gets boring and annoying very quickly.


joanna said...

i love arrested development, and i'll have to check out that other one. It's always nice to take a day or two off and just rest. Feel better Alice!

J.B. said...

Yeah, my husband just got me hooked on Arrested Development. I'm just SAD there's not more. We already watched them all. Time to watch them all again (can you tell we don't get great tv down here?).