Turning 34 Tuesday

Today was a wonderful day. I was able to sleep in past nine and then I ventured to the temple and did a bit of worshipping there! I also went and visited my friend, Shule, and her cute little baby, Elia. I always enjoy spending time with those two sweet girls. Shule had her birthday on Saturday, so I brought a little cake and ice cream and we celebrated together. It was a surprise and I enjoyed it totally! I wish I would have taken a few pics. Shucks.

I then came home and ran. It was a nice afternoon for a run. Chilly but nice!

Then I went out to dinner with my friend, Kerri. That burger sure was tasty. The celebration week of Alice has now finished.

It is Fat Tuesday. Lent starts tomorrow. Here are the things I am giving up:
1. Caffeine
2. Cadbury Mini Eggs
3. Swearing

My friend, Jane, suggested that I don't only give up some not so healthy behaviors in my life during Lent, but that I should also add a few healthy behaviors. So here is what I will add:
1. Weight Training(at least twice a week)
2. Reading More
3. Eating more veggies

So there you have it. I hope all of you have a very nice 40 days until Easter. If you dare, give up something. It feels good to be able to stick with it the whole time!

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BloggingBills said...

I get all but the cadbury eggs. Are you serious?
Yer other ma.