Wicked Wednesday.

Wow. How did it get to be Wednesday already? The week is flying by. It has been busy. Monday Isaac, Erin and I tried to go bowling. We ended up just eating Baskin Robins. One of these days, I will actually not eat a single meal out! I then did laundry and grocery shopped. Unfortunately, I came back to find one of my tires flat. Luckily, I have a great friend, who is always awake late, and has great gadgets. Jane came an pumped said tire up. It had a nail in it. I am glad my mechanic is awesome. It was fixed yesterday.

Tuesday I cleaned my room. It had to be done so my mom has a nice place to sleep while she visits.

Today was weigh in day. All of the eating out made me gain two pounds, but I am still good!

Jane and I kicked off the week of Alice bring born celebrations. I believe all of us should celebrate our birthdays for a whole week. It is a pretty big thing to keep surviving this thing called life!!!

I found that spatula at Cracker Barrel. It made me smile.

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