Life Should Be A Beach All. The. Time!!!

Sand Pipers. One of my favorite living things at the beach. They are so funny...they run out with the waves and then run back in. Their little legs go so fast!
Nice beach scene
Janette and Jane on the beach
Sand Dollars prior to dying and leaving their skeletons behind
Cool tree that grew around a rock and then took the rock with it.This was my fortune for today. It totally came true!
Jane and I at the ballpark!
AT&T Park

We went for a fun walk on the beach and pretty much just had a chill kind of a day. I like vacation days where I can sleep in and then just do whatever I want to!

In the afternoon, Jane and I went to San Francisco one last time to partake of a San Francisco Giants game. It was a good game, even if my Dodgers didn't win!!!(I guess you have to root for the home team just like it says in "Take Me Out to the Ballgame.") I wish I would have not left to go to the bathroom during the fifth inning because that is when a lot of the action happened. Murphy's Law, right? It was still fun to go and be in another ballpark. After all, it is my goal to get to as many ballparks as I can in my lifetime. Good times!

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