Monday Monday

Today flew. I like it. I was a busy bee today. Worked. Visited and was vomitted on by a friend's baby. Was fed a great meal by Erin. Then went and hung out with my church peeps at Family Home Evening. It was nice.

Did I mention I started a new grateful board yesterday? I did. It makes a difference in life!

Here are two awesome pictures of Levi loving him some lime Popsicles.

What kid likes lime? This kid!

He is just chillin'. That is how he rolls. I love how Erin is laughing. So cute!

I am up much too late yet again!
I saw a rainbow today. Isn't life grand?


Erin said...

I look like I have freakishly long fingers and hands in the last picture. Levi's super funny...:-)It was good to see you last night! I'm glad you had fun at FHE.

Alice said...

Oh Erin. I have never even thought your fingers were freakishly long. Didn't even catch my eye in the photo. What does catch my eye is how happy you look while holding your son and how your whole face shines when you laugh! I love that we hang out. Thanks for be a great friend!