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Today was hard. I did not sleep enough thanks to getting back late last night and going back to work after a week of bliss is always a challenge. I have decided that I will post a picture of my fortune from my fortune cookie that I will enjoy at lunch each day for the next while. I bought a whole bag of them at the fortune cookie factory in San Fran. So here is today's fortune:

I listened all day and didn't get any needed information. Maybe tomorrow. Here are two funny things I said in class to help my students remember certain things about reproduction. They listened intently. (This is the part you can choose to ignore. Some people are soft when it comes to talking about this stuff. I find it highly entertaining.)

I told them that the uterus is kinda like a fancy hotel for the fetus. It is made up all nice and comfortably with tissue and nourishment. Just like luxury hotels are comfy and nice.

I also told them that the epididymis is like college for sperm. In fact, we could call it Epididymis University or EU. This is where the sperm grow up and learn how to be adult sperm. Say epididymis university a few times. We decided in my 7th hour that it actually sounds like a legit university. I know...you are in awe of my brilliance. Or maybe you are just scared of it. Either way, I hope this made you smile a bit!!!

Cheers. Only 27 school days left. But who is counting!

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Morgan -Ing said...

We're home too. Sigh.