Sunny Sunday.

I think all the days in California are sunny. Just sayin'

Today was nice. It started with a walk on the beach.

Cool birds having breakfast.

A washed up crab.

A nice view and a parachuter if you look close enough.

A jellyfish.

After the walk, we headed to the amazing bakery for breakfast. I am loving the food. See how good it is?

Beside eating, we took a trip to Santa Cruz. Did you know there is a lighthouse there? I didn't until today.

Near the lighthouse are some cool natural bridges. Very pretty scenery.

We listened to the Beach Boys while toolin' around town. It seemed appropriate after seeing this:

And this:

The lighthouse there is actually a surfing museum. That seems appropriate too!

The sunsets have been amazing here. Jane and I enjoyed it while we were gathering the wood for our fire.

The house behind the fire is the one we are staying in!

Janette and Denise missed the sunset by a few minutes but got there in time for a nice picture!

The day ended with the fire on the beach. Jane and I made an excellent fire.

The s'mores we ate with Peeps as the marshmallows were very tasty.

Very, very good day!!!

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Morgan -Ing said...

We're missing you but glad you're having fun!!