A Day in the Life of Alice

1. Alarm goes off at 6:18
2. Alice hits snooze
3. Alarm goes off at 6:27
4. Alice hits snooze
5. Before the alarm rings again, Alice turns it off and checks her email and unread blogs.
6. Alice jumps out of bed and says: "Tada!". She also mumbles something about there only being so many days left of school. This gets her motivated to move it.
7. Alice makes breakfast. This week it has been oatmeal. Tomorrow might be an English muffin.
8. Alice packs her lunch.
9. Alice showers, puts contacts in, does hair and make up after dressing and then brushes her teeth
10. At about 7:30 alice leaves for work.
11. At 7:35 Alice arrives at work.
12. Alice get water bottle filled. Says hi to a few coworkers and gets ready for class.
13. Alice teaches three PE classes and one leadership class.
14. Alice breaks for lunch. Then she plans for Health class.
15. (ignore the Q) Alice teaches two health classes.
17. Alice grades the papers the kids turned in that day
18. Alice leaves work about four o'clock.
19. Alice does some sort of activity with somebody.
29. Alice comes home and vegges on the couch.
30 Alice falls asleep ether reading or watching tv
31. Alice goes to bed in order to not be grumpy the next day
The end

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Morgan -Ing said...

I am ignoring the q.

I love your day in the life. :)