My 7th hour is hilarious. They know I am bothered by the desks being left up, so when I left during passing time between sixth and seventh, they did this:

Then they thought it would be Funny to then put them like this:

They are silly. I like them!

I had a pretty busy night after working all day. I had a crown placed on the root canal tooth, went shopping(socks, waterbottle, and toothbrush), went to Weight Watchers, bought new running shoes(actually had a prescription written out for a certain pair by my chiropractor), ate Jimmy Johns, bought a pair of shoes for work(all my exercise shoes are wrong for my horrible arches), and watched Chuck. Fabulous end to the season by the way(if you watch Chuck you understand. If you don't, get on it!)

Wish i could have gotten these shoes. How cool is that saying?

I had two options for running shoes. Which one do you think I chose?

I am tired and didn't get myself to bed any earlier tonight. Sigh,
my life is hard!


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Morgan -Ing said...

Chuck was AMAZING! LOVED IT! Did you buy the bright pink ones?