Monday is sometimes mediocre.

Hi. It is midnight and I am not even close to sleepy. What is up with that? I guess having three coke zeros tonight could explain that. The day was good. The kids were bearable and school went quickly. After school, I headed to the chiropractor. See I have been having a bit of a knee problem. This bit has prevented me from running for nearly three weeks. It is not my favorite. Well, the doc looked at me walking and knew quickly the reason for my chronic knee pain, I have a horrible foot strike problem. Basically, my foot landing weird causes the knee to move all over the place and my arch has also collapsed over the years. Crazy how just watching me walk could help this guy see my problem. I am glad that it is actually an easy fix: either a brace or orthotics. We will see next week. Oh and how come nobody ever tells you about cash discounts at doctors? This guy isn't covered by my insurance, but with cash it isn't too much more than my copayment. Great news!

Other than that not much today. Here are some pics of yesterday. Everybody got together to speak to Caleb who is serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Brazil. It was cool to talk with him!!

We celebrated Kelsey and and Anne's birthday along with Mother's Day!

I love this guy!

I put him to sleep with my charm!

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