Monday Monday!! The last one of the school year!

Today went fast. I was glad. We rewarded the sophomores who are passing their classes with Red Robin. It was fun. Here are two of my students:

That is what success looks like. It tastes good too!!!

Yesterday I spent some time with the Hageys

I will miss Sunday dinners with them this summer and the other fun adventures we have together. I am hoping that when they make their next move, they won't move too far away from me!

Here are some pics from the visit:

Oliver found a fly on the table after he was done eating. He didn't like the "bug" at first but when I told him it was a fly and that the fly was eating his dinner he seemed to be at ease.

Close up of said fly.

Morgan and Ezra. He is getting strong and big! It will be weird to go two months without seeing him. Babies don't keep and I am saddened by this fact.

Ez was fascinated by Kelly Clarkson's face on my t-shirt. It was hilarious to watch him try to suck on her face.

I stayed much too late because I cannot resist holding a sleeping baby. He is so sweet!!! It was worth the late to bedness.

Tonight, I am also going to bed late. I really don't have an excuse. Sigh! I don't know why I am going to sleep so late these days!

Only two days until class is over for the summer. Craziness. I am only a bit excited.

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J.B. said...

"Babies don't keep." That's totally Morgan's phrase. Guess it's appropriate since it's her baby, too.