Postcard Experiment

Hey kids. I hope your summer has been great so far(isn't Memorial Day the kickoff to summer?).

I just wanted to announce my postcard experiment. You can read all about it on the postcard blog HERE.

Basically, I am journaling(did you know that journaling is not really a word?) my summer adventures via postcards. Wanna be a lucky recipient of one of these cherished postcards? Visit that site and email me your mailing address. It doesn't cost anything to participate and you could win cool prizes, like postcards in the mail!!! :) You don't have to send postcards back, but it would be really cool if you did. Get creative send some crazy and fun ones. I know you can and want to!

I will be blogging again later with the weekend's adventures. The router at the family's house is on the fritz so I am off to Walmart to replace it. It is very convenient to blog from my phone on wireless because my pictures are on my phone. Technology is awesome but frustrating sometimes. Well, off I go. Cheers!

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