Thoughts at 12:02

I am loving the instagram app I have been using to pimp my photos on my iPhone. Here is what I looked like today:

Highlights: riding bike to work, third hour complaining(it made me laugh for some reason), veggie burger at lunch, talking to a kid who got suspended, kids blogging on our BLOG(take a look now because it may be private soon!), drunk goggles in Health class, talking to my seester on the phone right after school, riding my bike on river trail, talking to cows and horses, riding to Payson with Jane, Weight Watchers meeting with Marion, Dickey's BBQ, former student saying: "you look so skinny!", Baskin Robin ice cream in a freshly baked waffle cone(still warm), talking to Jane in the driveway, lakers losing, talking to landlord and his wife, sleeping.

'Nough said!


Morgan -Ing said...

Hey hon, the link to your class blog is broken, it appears...

Alice said...

Fixed it!