Alice's life in pictures...

Hi friends. Have you joined the revolution yet? If not, head over to The Postcard Experiment

I am horrible slacker lately. So instead of boring you with words, here are some pics:

Mom and I like to walk down our street and checkout the amazing gardens of our neighbors'!

Softball is a big part of this girl's life these days!

I love Jimmy Johns and their signs. It was nice they were open late last Thursday after my game. By the way: women's team undefeated; coed team winless. Weird.

Cool clouds on drive to Rhinelander from Wausau Thursday after ball.

I am sometimes a genealogy nerd! And I am quite proud of it!

Dinner with the family is always good!

My hair+humidity, not so much! And I really didn't want to post that pic but seriously that hair is amazing, isn't it? Horrible pic of me but great pic of the humid hair!

Hope all's well. I have hired a grammar sheriff, so watch out blog!

P.S. Alice is committing herself to being better at commening back on her own blog's comments. I am not guilting you into commenting but I really do feel it is a great way to stay in touch with all my peeps. (And I really don't know why I am using "peeps" these days. Weird!) Now off to run!


Morgan -Ing said...

I love the hair. And I love your post card experiment.

By the way, my word verification is ridiculous. It's "hoedawea" WTF?

Alice said...

I love the hair too. I think I am going to go out in public like that at least once this summer. Brilliant! The postcard experiment is like my favorite part of summer. I am an addict and am buying postcards everywhere. I hope I actually send them all! BTW...."WTF"? Really Morgan?