Happy Burger Friday!

It is burger Friday. I could go into how I am thinking the weeks are going much too fast but I am trying to ignore that fact.

I think you all should go support the beef farmers of America and have a burger. I am joining in the cause today too!

This week has been pretty low key, which is good because the next week and a half will have me running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I am dubbing it "Aliceapalooza". I am officially on tour. I will be hitting the following cities: Appleton, Chicago, Sturgeon Bay, Wausau, Rhinelander and Madison. Be sure to get your tickets because they are selling like hotcakes. (and I mispelled hotcakes and my iPhone replaced it was hot ales. They are selling like those too!)

Here are some highlights(I like lists so this seems appropriate) and pictures of the chill week:
1. Rain. It has thundered an rained almost everyday this week. I am starting to wonder if the sun even exists anymore and if I should start taking prozac now!
2. Tuesday I went early(before softball) to Wausau to meet Marla and Jeanette for dinner and then J and I went to the mall and walked around because we decided it was too cold for frisbee golf.
3. We suffered out first loss of the season. It was tragic.
4. Stayed up much too late with Marla and then ate lunch with her and then headed back to Rhinelander for tacos on the patio, the Wednesday tradition!

Nathanial was his silly fun self. I am glad to get some kid time. I miss the little rascal Utah nephews.

The courthouse building in Rhinelander is my favorite building here.

It ranks close to this building, which is not in Rhinelander, but on the way to Wausau. "Are you calling me a pig?"
4. Watching The Music Man with my sister. She now calls me Poopi because of it. Read my review HERE.
5. Chilling at home and finishing Arrested Development and discovering Better Off Ted. Both hilarious TV shows. You can stream them on Netflix, just sayin'. Don't judge me, if you find them stupid or weird.
6. Eating a great family dinner of Beef Stew. Then going to the YWCA with this kid:

Yeah. He can jump. And he is working in his history essay right now. I am his amazing tutor even though it is taking lots less work than being Biology tutor last year, it is work stil. The kid is definitely making progress and I am proud of him! And btw he is totally taller than me now. Crazy.

Well. There is my week. Check back for my tour blog! Cheers!!!


J.B. said...

Honestly though, most places there are to go buy burgers don't actually support America's beef farmers. Most fast-food burgers aren't as much beef as we'd like to think, plus the commercialized spread of it all definitely supports conglomerate farms, not regular beef farmers. We'd be better off to find a local farmer and buy a half a cow. Just sayin'.

Alice said...

Oh my silly brilliant friend. I know all about this. You did not hear my sarcasm in it all. I watched Food Inc. and my life was changed. I don't always follow the whole eat the good beef but I try to. I actually am looking into buying a quarter of a cow this coming school year! :)

Alice said...

P.S. Yea for grass fed beef! :)

joanna said...

that looks like an interesting place to grow up:-) Have a good trip the next week or so!!