I am very tired lately. I should be out on my bike right now but I am sitting here doing this. I caught two fish this week. Here they are in glory:

And here I am in fishing glory:

I have done a whole lot of exciting things: Like moving my pictures from my computer to my flash drive. Doesn't it sounds exciting?

I did finish Kristin Chenoweth's book, A Little Bit Wicked: Life, Love, and Faith in Stages, today. It is hilariously creatively written. She has been added to my "I Want to Meet Them" list!  You would like the book. And why does blogger not have an underlining option? I do know books are underlined, just so you all know!

I have been on a Cheoweth kick and watched a few episodes of her series "Kristin" on YouTube. It is a very cute show. Too bad it didn't last more than a season. Kinda like it was too bad "Pushing Daisies" only lasted two. What do these networks know about good TV anyway?

Have a cheerful day. I am off to Walgreens and then to Wausau for ball. Let's hope I don't drive down and get a rain out!


J.B. said...

Actually, italics do just fine for the title of a novel. I think. Quotation marks are for short stories. Underlining is good, too. But the italics get the job done.

Alice said...

Thanks J.B. I should hire you for all my literary needs! :)

Elizabeth Peterson said...

I LOVE Kristin Chenowith! She is so cute and fun. I read that book a couple of years ago and while I don't remember much I do remember thinking how hard it must be to train to be a singer. Funny thought right? I am glad youare having fun In WI but have to admit the picture of you holding the fish gave me the squeemies!

Alice said...

I just wanted to tell you thanks for checking out my blog and for commenting. I am now committing myself to comment more on my own blog. I think that is a good way stay in touch with peeps. E-I know right? She is an amazing singer and performer. I have been addicted to her on YouTube recently and seriously, she is a dedicated performer. Her voice coach from college is quite amazing as well. Sorry about the sqeemies. To be honest, I have to talk myself calm as I reel them in because I am still not used to taking them off the line. I have found though that if you are calm, the fish remains calm. I talk to them and gently put them back into their home! It is fun even if a little slimy at at times! Cheers!