Summer is Moving right along.

Life is good. My brother and Sister-in-Law got here from Des Moines this afternoon. I have not seen them in two years and am very glad to have them here.

The past few days have been nice. Monday through Wednesday, it was bloody hot.
The weather here is bipolar because softball on Tuesday was too hot and then tonight I was playing in a hooded sweatshirt! Crazy. Tuesday we won 8-4. It was fun to play. I wore these rockin' socks:

Tonight, we lost by over ten but actually got to play all seven innings without the ten run rule stopping play. That's progress, right?

Wednesday was taco night again. Here are two pictures from the festivities:

They are as good as they look!!!

Cute kids, right? That Nathaniel in the front is one happy kid. He makes me smile and laugh lots.

Here is a sign of summer. The first painting of the toenails happened recently:

I like summer. I also like cool bumper stickers.

Well, off to read the end of Catching Firehopefully I will not fall asleep while attempting to finish it. Wish me luck!

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