Alicepalooza's Final Stop

Saw my third pro baseball game of the summer today. It was awesome and the Brewers even pulled off the win. It was very fun to have the time with the nephews.

Me, Elijah, Kristofer

Me and my boyfriend, Ryan Braun

Miller Park, Milwaukee, WI

Bernie Brewer

The famous 6th Inning Sausage Race

The boys enjoying the game.

Nice view

A beautiful park

My cute nephew puppy(he didn't come to the game but I love him too!)

We came back to Madison and went to dinner with my seester and niece. I also went on a walk with seester and Divor. It was a very nice day! More adventures tomorrow and now for my next trick, sleep!


Elizabeth Peterson said...

You are looking so good! WI air must agree with you!;o) What the heck is a sausage race? That sounds pretty funny.

Alice said...

Elizabeth-The sausage race takes place at Miller Park(Home of the Milwaukee Brewers professional baseball team) in the middle of the 6th inning. Basically, five mascots dressed as different sausages run from third base to first base around home plate. The first one to cross the finish line is the winner(or as I like to say weiner!). You can read more here: http://www.klements.com/racing_sausages/index2.html
watch the youtube video here: