Mad Town and Home Again

Aliceapalooza was a hit. Thanks to all of you who showed for the shows.

Madison with my sister was fun.

The capital from State Street

Amazing ice cream.

Then I came home. I have missed sleeping in my bed and just having down time. What will I do when I have to work again? Here is some pics from me fishing last Friday.

A deer came for dinner the other night.

Divot, my sister's dog is with is this week. He's sweet. My dad pretends not to like him but sure talks to him a lot!

I ran in a 5k on Saturday at midnight. It was a blast and my mom was there to cheer me into the finish line! I also beat my best time.

Me at finish prior to race

Mom and I love being in Eagle River!

This raccoon made me laugh. He was in a window downtown Eagle River.

I made a fabulous pizza for the family on Sunday. It rocked.

Today was good. Helped E with his school stuff, wrote a paper for my class, went for a bike ride, and met up with friends in Wausau for bowling and dinner. I bowled horribly but it was fun.

Great day!


Morgan -Ing said...

Did I ever get you that pizza crust recipe? If not, I can, just remind me and I'll text it to you.

Elizabeth Peterson said...

I love the ice-cream sign. That one made me laugh! Fun times you are haing for sure! Good job on your 5k that is awesome!!

Alice said...

Morgan-No I haven't...good thing I have Gunkle's here. But I still want the recipe!
Elizabeth-Thanks. The 5k felt awesome. And the ice cream was so very creamy. It is worth a trip to Wisconsin for! :) Come anytime.