Laziness Never Was Happiness

Hi. I use an app on my phone to post to this blog. Unfortunately, this app is often stupid and after I write a post, it won't let me post it to blogger. Lame. Anyway, that happened the past two posts and I lost them, so I am giving up. If I wasn't lazy, I would email the photos to myself and post via my laptop. This may happen in the future, but for now you will just have to have missed the trip to the Corn Palace, Wall Drug and Mt. Rushmore.

I promised I would write a list of things that make me happy to be in Utah. Here are a few via pictures:

These wee boys. They may not be actual blood nephews, but they are very much my family. Henry, the oldest, said to me the other day: "Alice, I know you are not my mommy's sister." We then talked about how I really wasn't Morgan's sister but that we were really good friends so it was like we were sisters. He then told me: "You are my aunt though!" Love it. Isn't it great in life how we can extend our family through friends? (Henry also mentioned that we looked like Mt. Rushmore while taking this picture(I had shown him pictures of me at Rushmore.). He is pretty dang smart, isn't he?

Babysitting last night was a blast! Ezra had no interest in sleeping and a tiny bit of "your not my mommy syndrome," but we made it through and Morgan and Derek were able to go out for Morgan's birthday, so it was a success!

The beauty of Utah makes it easy to be happy while here. I am excited to hike soon! Kerri was with me for this sunset walk and friends are very much a part of making it easier to go back to work and to be in Utah.

Other friends help too. Here is little Elia. You can see her mom's hand on the side. Shule always makes me feel at home and loved here! And she always has the most sound and wise advice!

I would take a picture of my atrocity of an apartment because it is a little haven here for me, but I still haven't unpacked or cleaned this week. Busy, busy!!

I think I am going to go back to sleep for a few minutes before tackling the mess.

Happy Saturday to ya!

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Morgan -Ing said...

Thanks again for the babysitting. It was seriously one of the best birthdays. Ever.