Oh Weekends How I Love Thee!

The weekend is almost over. It has gone much too fast, but that is what happens. This week felt like five. I was so exhausted by Friday night. I just hung out at home and vegged.

Yesterday, I headed to Heber with my friend and co-worker, Sharri, to visit our friend, Kristi, who had a baby in the end of July. Here are a few pics of cute Ky:

A confused look

Me and the tired one.

Sharri had the magic touch and got him to sleep.

He's a cutie.

So sleepy.

Here are Kurt and Kristi's first "kids". Their chickens always make me smile. They also gave me some veggies from their garden. Yum!

Now off to church and then up to Layton for some quick hugs from the wee boys and back to sleep for Monday. Where did this weekend go?

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