Seeing I am conscious I thought I'd post twice in a day. Seems like the right thing to do when I am a major slacker during the week and don't feel exhausted right now! Here is to having a quick week with less exhaustion. I like that idea!

Chilled with the Hageys in Layton tonight. We know how to party. Sodastream mixers and butterscotch chip chocolate heath cookies. Party animals. They were also kind and made me dinner which is typical of most Sundays. And the organic grass fed beef hamburgers with special seasonings were divine! I am spoiled. Thanks Morgan and Derek!

Here's some pics of the kiddos because they are pretty much dang cute:

Ezra was ecstatic at dinner.

So much so he was drooly.

He would kick his little legs and screetch. So cute!

Oliver was stylin' with the boots and big as him backpack!

O as Captain America. He told me to "punch it!," so I did!

Another version of Captain America.

I love these kiddos. I think they help recharge my batteries. Spencer gave me a ton of hugs. Henry, Spencer and Oliver let me be the pony outside. And Henry thinks I should come visit every Sunday except when they are away, of course. So funny.

Well. The bed calls. The question is: will Alice get up early to run in the cool weather? Odds are 40%. ;)

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