Things I will miss about Wisconsin...

1. My mommy and Dad
2. Perch Lake
3. The smell of the woods
4. Softball
5. Amazing friends
6. Hodags everywhere
7. The small town feel
8. My lighthouse room especially the light up lighthouse!
9. My family. MIss Grandma already.
10. The clouds and blue sky
11. Cool summer nights with crickets chirping.
12. Lightning bugs
13. Briqs ice cream treats
14. Tacos on the patio
15. My three favorite running routes
16. The hummingbirds fighting over the feeder
17. My dad garden and moving gnomes
18. Time to read and read and read
19. Seeing a gazillian stars
20. Free food and the bank of Sue
21. The Rhinelander Ward(silly how it has taken a few years for me to get to know everybody!)
22. The courthouse and its copper roof.
23. Lakes everywhere
24. Cross Country Burger Fridays
25. Gunkel's Bakery and their wonderful pizza dough, bagels, and seasoned mini-subs(oh and their wonderful cookies)
26. Rootbeer on tap
27. Brats
28. Watching Netflix all. the. time.
29. Gary the mountain bike
30. Sam's Pizza
31. Philly's Subs
32. Seeing deer while walking/running.
33. Hodag Park and the river/ski shows
34. Summer in general.

I decided to stop at 34. That's my age and all. Man, I sure do love this place!

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Morgan -Ing said...

Oh Wisconsin is wonderful in the summer, isn't it?