Ah...Three Days of Sleeping In!

Well, we made it to the first official long weekend. It feels nice to be awake on a Saturday and know I have no where to be and nothing that absolutely must be done today. Nice, nice, nice!

Last night a few friends from work got together and visited a friend(former co-worker) and her baby. We then went to dinner. Then I came home and attempted to watch TV. Instead, I slept on the couch. Surprising, right?

Here are pics of the cute bambino. She is getting big fast. They never stay tiny long. That's why you gotta stop and play sometimes!

Almost walking on her own.

Almost Falling.

So cute.

Now, I am off to a run and laundry and a bit of cleaning. The neighbors are gone for the weekend and said it was okay to use their washer! Bonus.

Later it is the Laugh In at the Storytelling Festival. Very fun!

Enjoy your weekend!

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